Anant Avinashi

Among the first students to complete a Masters in Fintech in the UK, Anant Avinashi reflects on his experience at Strathclyde, data as the new fuel and how there’s never a dull moment in Glasgow.

I am a 29-year-old financial services professional and will be graduating in MSc Financial Technology in August 2018. I'm currently looking for an internship or job opportunities in Glasgow. Since I completed my bachelor's in electrical engineering in 2011, I wanted to pursue a master's degree but I guess the reality of a white collared job, 5-day week, and handsome pay-check gave a sense of independence and financial freedom that swayed me towards corporate life, for a few years anyway!  

In 2017, I came across this new course called MSc Financial Technology at the University of Strathclyde. I was absolutely sure that this was the course I wanted to pursue. It was tailor made for me, as the subjects were completely aligned with my interests. Finally, after waiting for 6 years, I had found the course that I wanted.

I was both excited and anxious to move to Glasgow and re-start my education. I was sceptical if I would be able to keep up with the energy of the students. We kicked off with the induction and after the first couple of weeks, things started to settle down and anxiety subsided, leaving only the excitement of studying. During the term time, every day I used to wake up with a joy of learning something new.


                              Anant Avinashi


The last 10 months have been wonderful, I have gained so much academically. I learned different programming languages, big data fundamentals, Blockchain, how search engines work, data analytics and RegTech. It was not only classroom teaching but involved extra-curricular activities, like the Strathclyde Enterprise Pathways. These taught me about leadership and entrepreneurship.


I am glad that the University of Strathclyde came up with MSc Financial Technology as it is the need of the hour and, in my opinion, is a step ahead from traditional finance courses. We live in a tech driven world and data is the new fuel, keeping finance as the backbone; finance needs to evolve with the new technology and protocols. We need to stay ahead, or at least abreast, in this highly competitive environment.


Glasgow played a significant part in facilitating a platform for me to learn efficiently and also enjoy this time in my life. The weather, people and places make it a worthwhile place to study. The city is beautiful, and the people are nice, which helped me to concentrate effusively on the education without much bother. The nightlife, culture and the festivities all made sure that I did not have any dull moment. I am from New Delhi but if I could select a place to be my second home, I would choose Glasgow.


All in all, coming to Strathclyde to study Financial Technology was one of the finest decisions so far in my life and I wholeheartedly thank all the people who helped me to come here. I would also like to thank my faculty and the Glaswegians for their hospitality. Indeed, People Make Glasgow.


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