Ashleigh McCulloch

Guest blogger Ashleigh McCulloch from SCDI on the vital importance of productivity and how a brand new government supported Productivity Club aims to add greater value to both the city and Scottish economies

Financial and business services companies in Glasgow are among those being invited to join an innovative, new Productivity Club.   The two-year pilot, run by SCDI and the Scottish Government will bring together businesses to design an approach   focusing on the factors which could   increase productivity.  

As a nation, we have many productive businesses, however Scotland, and the UK as a whole, is behind other countries in this area. If we can increase our productivity and can produce more, we can add greater value to the well-being of the economy and communities.

There are several examples of businesses approaching their activities in innovative ways through employee engagement, workplace design, strategic planning, leadership development, recruitment, training and embracing digital technologies which are all impacting on business operations and driving value either in quality, speed or reduced costs.


Ashleigh McCulloch

The industry-led Club aims to gain provide valuable insights and knowledge from these businesses in a peer to peer environment where leaders can come together and examine other's approaches to incite ideas which could advance areas of their own business. It will be a forum for diffusion of ideas, collective learning and advancement of relationships.

The pilot period will see events held in Glasgow and in Edinburgh where businesses of all sizes can assemble and share best practice from across all sectors of the economy. For example, there are two highly recommended   Productivity Talks taking place in Glasgow on 8th October and 6th November. Full details of those and other events can be found at .

We hope that this pilot will demonstrate that collaborative discussions around business challenges and solutions can influence operations which lead to increased productivity and, in turn, impact positively on the economy. Small incremental gains in this area will aggregate to create a big difference.


The website will provide information on the full programme of activities and resources including how businesses can participate in the Club's meetings and events.


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