Chris Knowles

Guest blogger Chris Knowles from FPSG on how the dedication, teamwork and organisational skills required to succeed in sport are directly transferable to the workplace.

As the proud partner of Scottish Athletics FPSG understands that commitment, passion, discipline and dedication are all qualities which are possessed by top athletes. As the recruitment partner of choice for some of the biggest brands in the world we are also aware how these traits cross over to the workplace to make successful recruitment teams.

In this article I will look at some of the qualities required at any level of sport and how we at FPSG utilise them to ensure the success of our clients on a consistent basis.

Chris Knowles

Dedication is an extremely important trait in sports and the workplace. For example the millionaire professional footballer staying behind after training to practice free kicks or the athlete committing to a strict training and diet regime for several months, their success is ultimately down to dedication and hard work. The same is true in the workplace. Showing dedication and working late to achieve deadlines and deliver on time is a regular occurrence.

On how many occasions have the underdogs overcome huge odds to achieve the unexpected? In the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004 The Great Britain Relay Team overcame massive odds to beat the American Relay Team, considered the hot favourites. In the 100m finals America won Gold, Silver and Bronze. Yet with teamwork involved on the baton passes the Brits produced a flawless round to take the Gold and prove that teamwork can overcome talent. This is hugely true in the workplace, where teams with a solid structure, common goals and commitment towards teamwork can achieve huge things

Organisational Skills
Teamwork, dedication and hard work are not as effective without a clear, concise and strategic approach. In sports the team 'coach' or manager will plan and set the strategy for the team to win. Each individual needs to organise themselves effectively to provide maximum efficiency. The same is true at work. Teams and individuals need to be organised to achieve the best results!

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