Elliot Hunter and Leonard Magyar

Elliot Hunter and Leonard Magyar, Barclays summer interns, share their experience of working at Barclays and their first impressions of financial services.

Leonard Magyar, Summer Technology Intern

I joined Barclays at the end of June as a Summer Technology Intern in Glasgow. Alongside my team, I had the task of hosting an internal application, and a third party voice biometrics software, to Amazon Web Services - a cloud computing provider. Having no prior experience with cloud computing I had a lot to learn during my nine-weeks, however I really enjoyed diving into new technology and facing different challenges along the way.

Leonard Magyar

As my first job in financial services, I was surprised by the importance and versatility of technology in banking. At Barclays, there is a huge emphasis on the role it plays and how it can be used across all areas of the organisation. There have been many opportunities to gain insight into different areas of the business and to see technology getting applied in real-life situations to enhance the client, customer and colleague experience.

Although Barclays is a massive organisation, I was delighted that everyone was so approachable, helpful and sincere. I felt supported throughout my internship and have been provided with many opportunities to network with peers and senior colleagues alike.

Overall I had a positive internship experience, Barclays was a great environment to work in and offers a variety of interesting roles within the technology space. The development of the new world class campus also highlights the commitment that the organisation has to Scotland, and will provide exciting opportunities for many young people looking to start their careers in financial services here. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and using the skills Barclays has given me to support my future career.

Elliot Hunter, Summer Operations Intern

During my 9 weeks with Barclays, I worked within Operations on a project involving gathering data from over 20 teams across Glasgow. This gave me lots of exposure to different areas of the business and allowed me to build my network and connections.

Elliot Hunter

Working on my project, made me realise that many of the roles across Operations utilise the same transferrable skills, and once I master these, I can explore different areas of the business to broaden my understanding and build my experience. I also now recognise how important it is to be open and accepting of change and to take every opportunity even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

One of the things that surprised me the most about working in financial services was the culture that's embedded within Barclays. Whilst there was a heavy focus on company values at my interview, I didn't expect it to be so ingrained in the workplace. The colleagues I worked with were warm and welcoming, and everyone bounces off each other which made my experience really enjoyable.

As part of my internship programme, I took part in a Micro-Tyco innovate event which involved being a social business and tackling inequalities through entrepreneurial thinking. Each team had a month to grow £1 of 'seed capital' into as much money as possible, which was then invested by WildHearts in micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world. My groups idea focused on offering sessions for disadvantaged younger people to develop skills that will be desirable for any workplace. The challenge really made me think outside the box whilst building my team working skills, and these will be invaluable in my future career.

If you are interested in applying for any of the Early Careers programmes at Barclays, please visit https://joinus.barclays/eme/ .

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