Iain Brown

Iain Brown talks working globally, living locally, legal outsourcing and alpaca walking.

I'm originally from Ayrshire and came to Glasgow for university before starting my legal career in the city.  Having lived and worked here ever since with the exception of a couple of stints commuting to Edinburgh, I'm a big advocate of Glasgow as a place to live and work and take any opportunity to sell it!‎ 

In fact that is a large part of my job.  Ashurst is an international law firm and our Glasgow office exists to support our global network of offices as a centre of excellence providing legal sourcing and centralised business services.  My team acts as a remote extension of our global legal teams to help deliver legal services for our clients more efficiently and so a large part of my day is spent promoting that to colleagues and clients.  You could say that we export legal services globally.  Working with world class clients undertaking high profile projects internationally is one of the things that I enjoy most about my job.  Being able to be involved in such a global business while working from Glasgow is even better.

Iain Brown

From a business perspective there are several reasons to locate here.  ‎Ashurst chose Glasgow due to the quality of office accommodation, proximity to and excellent transport links with London, as well as the support that we received from Scottish Development International.  Glasgow also has an active Chamber of Commerce, many excellent professional groups and a strong entrepreneurial community which all come together to make it a vibrant place to build and grow a business.

You can't go too far in the city without seeing signs saying "People Make Glasgow" - it's true.  Our legal analyst team has grown from six people to a department of over 60 in under five years and now includes legal technologists, legal project managers as well as qualified lawyers. We have been able to do this due to the skilled talent pool within Glasgow and the surrounding area.  With five universities within thirty minutes of our office and Edinburgh under an hour's commute away, we've always had a strong supply of high quality legal graduates ‎to fill our roles as we've grown.  We are currently recruiting to continue to grow the business over the next few years and are confident that the city has the capacity to support those growth ambitions.

‎At Ashurst ‎we have a number of staff who've relocated from across the UK, Europe and beyond.  The lifestyle opportunities in Glasgow have been a real attraction for them whether they are drawn to the buzz of the Merchant City, the culture of the West End or the peace of Glasgow's suburbs.  My own partner relocated from London a few years ago and she has no regrets - about the relocation anyway!  Simple things like being able to walk from our flat to the office make a real difference to quality of life.

As a place to live, the city has something for everyone - great restaurants, nightlife, world class music venues, a multitude of spectator sports, some of the best shopping in the UK and, if like me you enjoy the great outdoors, all sorts of adventure within a short drive of the city centre. Whether it's sailing on ‎the west coast, skiing in Aviemore or hiking and climbing around Loch Lomond there's more than you might think within easy reach.  I even went alpaca walking recently (no, really…).

So, whether you are considering locating your business in Glasgow or are already here, I would encourage everyone to make the most of all the opportunities that the city has to offer.