Laura Bosworth

Laura Bosworth, Chair, Women in Banking and Finance Glasgow on why taking the time to invest in your network can yield great results for years to come.

I have always known that my network is important but until recently I didn't fully understand why it is so valuable. Building a network is the easy part, but developing that network into a living breathing entity is much more difficult. I am living proof that a well-tended network will make a difference when you really need it. Recently I found myself at a crossroads in my career; genuinely not sure what to do next - not quite a mid-life crisis, more of a calamity of direction. My network helped me realise what I wanted in life and, even better, individuals cared enough to give me a little kick in the right direction.


Best-selling author Dan Schwabel wrote an article many years ago detailing his 5 rules for networking. I think they are still entirely relevant and in some cases much overlooked:


1. Help others first.

2. Keep in touch.

3. Be a connector.

4. Identify the right people.

5. Listen before you talk.


Laura Bosworth


These are simple rules but they genuinely work; if your aim is to build your network, and grow your circle socially and professionally, there needs to be a bit of "give and take". You will need to put yourself out there, and take ownership of your personal brand. You also need to follow up and commit to actions. Most importantly don't make promises you can't keep.


I have been part of Women in Banking & Finance for a number of years. Initially I joined as I was interested in the events, and their mission to be a forward-looking membership organisation for finance and banking professionals aiming to achieve their full career potential, helping to bolster female contribution to the industry along the way.


Now I believe that WIBF is so much more; it is a club that instils confidence and belief in its members - if they are open to listening and learning. Whilst the issues of gender parity are very much at the forefront of conversation; it isn't solely focussed on gender. Founded in 1980, we aim to foster our members' ambitious spirit, with networking events, development programmes and leadership opportunities. Visit the WIBF website for more information and do come along to one of our events where a warm welcome awaits you.


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