Louis Schena

Louis Schena, founder of Swipii, the Glasgow based fintech reflects on the personal challenges facing business owners during the Covid-19 crisis. Swipii’s app enables communities to discover, connect and get cashback at local businesses.

Whilst these are challenging times, they won't be the last for many of us. Inertia must be avoided, impactful actions prioritised and learnings saved for next time. Every day when I go online, I am amazed and uplifted by so many acts of courage and kindness from people around the world and on our doorstep.

As a founder of a fintech start up in Glasgow, I can only aspire to play my part with our team at Swipii. And to all the business founders out there, our job is a lonely path at the best of times and even more so during times like these. When each day is another step into the unknown, it's hard to maintain a sense of perspective, to know how to feel, act or lead. Mark Logan, one of our board members, once told me:

"In such times, I've always found it helpful to imagine that I am looking back on now, from five years' hence. Will I have acted now as my future self would have wished me to? Will I be proud of myself in what I remember, when I look back? Was I supportive to others, honest, generous? Then, each day, I try to live that way."

So with that in mind, it's vital that we take action and lead by example for our future selves.

Louis Schena

At Swipii, we've changed the way we work in immediate response to COVID-19, with three overarching goals:

  1. Ensure we survive as a business, but also come out stronger.
  2. Retain and support our team.
  3. Achieve the above whilst doing the right thing by our consumers, businesses and communities as a whole.

Among the actions we have taken to achieve these goals are suspending all invoicing to our customers so we can support our local businesses, paying out all pending cashback to our consumers immediately and we have also created the opportunity for our consumers cashback to be donated to Social Bite which does such fantastic work in the community.

When it comes to retaining our team and continuing to build, we're going to need everybody when consumers and businesses return.

Some members of the team will be winding down over the next three months, recharging and preparing for the return.

A core group will be continually improving the app and working on some more long-term plans, to help us aim for growth in the latter part of the year.

We are an optimistic bunch and know we will get out of this together. There is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone.

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