Nikki Slowey

Nikki Slowey from Family Friendly Working Scotland on why work life balance matters to employers and employees.

It's my job to promote flexible working because it's a win-win solution for employers and their people.

It's not just about making people happier and less stressed - though they are of course worthy benefits. But the business case for flexible working is also well established.

Increased motivation and productivity as well as reductions in sickness absence and staff turnover are repeatedly found in studies, proving that organisations benefit just as much as their employees from flexibility.

If I still haven't convinced you, you should know our work is funded and supported by the Scottish Government and we work with a huge range of Scottish employers including financial giants Lloyds, Barclays and Deloitte. In fact, we've honoured them all with awards for their enviable practices giving employees more control over when and where they work.


Nikki Slowey

If you are now convinced but curious about what to do next, look out for our annual campaign National Work Life Week, which takes place from October 7 to 11. It provides the opportunity for employers and employees to talk about wellbeing at work and work life fit. We often find that employees know colleagues work flexibly but don't realise they could too. Employers are not mind-readers, so if you'd like more flexibility at work, National Work Life Week could help you start a conversation.

If you're an employer, you could showcase stories about members of staff who work flexibly via your intranet, staff newsletter or at a lunchtime event. It's a very simple but effective way to help normalise flexible working.

We've also just launched a new support service to help Scottish businesses harness the power of flexible working. Our new range of training and support options for managers and HR professionals helps them sell the benefits of flexible working to senior leaders and embed a genuine culture change within their organisation.

The new service has been established directly in response to demand from employers for practical support to help them get flexible working 'right' and ensure employees and the business benefit.

Flexible working is not a new concept. But attitudes are changing when it comes to who works flexibly. With multi-generational workforces, increasing numbers of working parents and those caring for elderly relatives as well as rising mental health and wellbeing issues, employers are increasingly turning to flexible working to help them face the challenges of a modern responsible businesses.

But knowing exactly how to implement and normalise flexible working can still be challenging. Our new support service offers practical solutions along with examples and advice from a range of organisations that have managed to successfully change the way they work and are thriving as a result.

We're offering workshops as well as tailored support packages for employers.


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