• Rebecca Scott

    Rebecca Scott

    Rebecca Scott, vice president, Operations at Morgan Stanley in Glasgow on how volunteers from Morgan Stanley contribute to the Healthy Glasgow project in Sighthill and how the pandemic has forced a change of approach, to ensure the local community is supported.

  • Nikki Slowey

    Don’t ditch offices because of homeworking success. Nikki Slowey, co-founder and director of Flexibility Works, sets out her views on the need for employers to think creatively about the world of work going forward.

  • Basil Demeroutis

    Basil Demeroutis

    Basil Demeroutis, FORE Partnership, developer of the Cadworks office development in the IFSD reflects on how living through the pandemic has created the opportunity to reset the way we live and work, to move forward towards a better, cleaner, more equitable community.

  • Daniel Brophy

    Daniel Broby

    Guest blogger, Daniel Broby reflects on the creation of the latest innovative fintech company to emerge from Glasgow’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Kristine Steele

    Kristine Steele

    Kristine Steele, Head of HR and Business Operations at Redspire on why kindness matters for a mentally healthy workplace.

  • Louis Schena

    Louis Schena

    Louis Schena, founder of Swipii, the Glasgow based fintech reflects on the personal challenges facing business owners during the Covid-19 crisis. Swipii’s app enables communities to discover, connect and get cashback at local businesses.

  • Getting the most out of video calling

    Getting the most out of video calls

    With most of Glasgow’s financial and business community now working from home, video conferencing has become the new norm. The team at IFSD Glasgow has conducted some research to help those less experienced get the most out of video calling. Here are ten top tips.

  • Martin Jack

    Martin Jack

    Guest blogger Martin Jack from Think Different Events reflects on the importance of conferences to Glasgow’s economic success and, drawing on over 30 years event management experience, including organising Glasgow’s State of the City Economy conference, he identifies the key factors that make a truly successful conference.

  • Russell Wardrop

    Russell Wardrop

    Guest blogger. Russell Wardrop, the co-founder of Kissing with Confidence on the amazing potential of a ‘chance conversation’ and how building on the strength of your networking is crucial to future success.

  • Adam McGhee

    Adam McGhee

    Adam McGhee, partner, Sheppard Robson on how business requirements for space have changed exponentially over the past 15 years, the shifting focus to the workforce’s physical and mental well being and the growing influence of sustainable green issues and co-working.