ACCA wellness guide for finance professionals

30 Apr 2020

ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, has published advice for finance professionals, to help them to stay well during the Covid-19 crisis.

Among the wellness hints and tips compiled by ACCA Council member Sharon Critchlow (pictured) are;

Financial professionals might feel this is hard when we're not necessarily confident about what advice to give, given how quickly things are changing, but simply being in touch is vital.

Team Expression
If your team is working from home, arrange a regular time for you all to have a call. Start the call with a WIFLE ('What I feel like expressing'). In this practical empathy exercise, each team member takes a minute to share their thoughts.

Looking after yourself
You may not be able to change events around you, but you can control how you respond. Prioritise one thing every day, just for you. This might be half an hour playing the guitar, going for a walk or playing with the dog.

I highly recommending using a mantra that you find encouraging and to keep you going in difficult times. One of my favourites is 'I am safe, I am well. I trust myself'.

Sharon's full blog is here