Advice on Trading Safely and Securely

Highly specialist support and advice is now available to companies in Glasgow's IFSD from The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC).

This established hub of innovation and business improvement aims to work with partners and the business community to create a secure Scotland for business to flourish. In practice, this means creating an environment where business can trade and prosper securely, regardless of size and sector, encompassing everything from cyber, premises and employee safety and security.

The SBRC comprises contributions and secondments from Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, major banks, industries, investors and private membership. It aims to provide a wide ranging one stop shop for business security services and advice.

Graham Vance , Financial Business Security Adviser, SBRC said, "Ultimately, we aim to create a safer Scotland in which to thrive, live and do business. Through the Scottish Academy of Business Resilience Excellence (SABRE) we are organising an event in the IFSD to help businesses understand their legal responsibilities in the event of a disruptive major incident occurring. We will have experts from a variety of disciplines to advise and provide support to participants."

. More information will be provided to IFSD ezine readers soon.