Helping Glasgow companies manage remote working during Covid-19

28 Apr 2020

Glasgow businesses struggling with how to manage teams of remote workers because of the coronavirus outbreak can now get extra support, thanks to a new organisation called Flexibility Works.

The social business helps organisations improve all aspects of flexible working - supporting employers of all sizes and in all sectors to reap the benefits that flexible working brings for businesses, as well as individuals. Its first major project is supporting businesses coping with the pandemic.

Nikki Slowey (pictured), Director and Co-Founder at Flexibility Works, said: "The coronavirus pandemic has created enforced home-working for many organisations that weren't anticipating, or ready for such a shift. Home working is only one aspect of flexible working, and our current situation is not what flexible working normally looks like. It's not something you switch to overnight without being prepared and it's certainly not something you're expected do while also looking after your children. It's no surprise that businesses and employees are struggling to adapt quickly to this changing environment."

Longer-term, the charity will work with Scottish organisations to increase all kinds of flexibility at work, not just remote working. More information and free resources here