Major award for Previse

27 May 2019

Many congratulations to the Glasgow based Previse team which recently won an award for its machine learning technology from Scotland's digital technology trade body, ScotlandIS.

At a glittering awards ceremony in Glasgow, Previse was announced as the Fintech Innovation of the year, the fifth industry award it has won this year.

Previse was recognised for its unique approach, applying highly advanced technology to one of the biggest problems facing small businesses globally - slow payments.

Collecting the award, Margery McConnell, from Previse, said: "Slow payment is shooting up the corporate agenda. There is a growing appreciation that the current norm can't continue. Not only is the wider public becoming increasingly impatient with the situation, it isn't financially sustainable for buyers or suppliers".

"What makes Previse such a rewarding company to be a part of is that we are right at the coal face, tackling this problem, and using cutting-edge, award-winning new technology to do it,"

"Introducing new technology and helping firms to change decades of culturally ingrained payment practices is challenging, but very rewarding work".

In its ninth year, the Digital Technology Awards are a showcase of the most innovative, sophisticated technology being developed in Scotland.