New Video Promotes Tech Careers

29 Jan 2018

A new videopromoting technology as a smartcareer choice for school leavers, students and career changers features young tech professionals working in Glasgow's fintechsector .

Part of Scotland's 73,000 strong digital workforce, these Glasgow based tech professionals come from across the world, including the Netherlands, Eastern Europe,India, the rest of the UK and, of course, Scotland and they are thriving in their chosen fields.

Drawing on their experiences of working in Glasgow's tech community, they talk about what inspired them to take up a career in tech, the widening range of job opportunities available in Glasgow, thechallenges of their jobs, their sense of achievement and why they think technology offersthe brightest of futures.

The video was produced by IFSD Glasgow with the very welcome participation and support of Autorek, Barclays, CodeClan, Encompass Corporation, FDM Group, FirefishSoftware, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Scoop Analytics.

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