Redspire works with Beazley and Microsoft to create online booking system

27 Jul 2020

Glasgow-based IT consultancy Redspire has worked in collaboration with Microsoft and specialist insurer Beazley to create Beazley Booking, an online booking system to make it easier and quicker for brokers to arrange virtual appointments and share relevant documentation securely with underwriters.

Beazley Booking uses Microsoft's low code platform Power Platform to create a simple web application that brokers can access using a secure log-in.

Redspire works with Beazley and Microsoft to create online booking system

This enables brokers to view underwriter availability, book a meeting time, upload an agenda and documents in advance and view all of their scheduled meetings with Beazley underwriters. It aims to ensure brokers retain consistent access to their underwriting contacts during social distancing and beyond, as the insurance industry adopts more flexible working practices in the long term. It also provides underwriters with access to a detailed log of broker enquiries and appointments on a fully secure system.

Billy Lyle, Redspire's chief executive said, "Beazley Booking is an exciting example of how Power Platform can be deployed quickly to respond to business challenges. While initially built to overcome short-term closures of Lloyd's trading floor during lockdown and keep cogs turning in insurance, the solution offers long-term efficiencies as the market adapts to the new operating environment."