Workshop aims to maximise talent

Lifestyle financial planners Murphy Wealth recently held a second workshop in partnership with Business Women Scotland.

At Murphy Wealth's impressive offices in the heart of the IFSD, best-selling author and team collaboration specialist Sylvia Baldock delivered an insightful session on maximising your talent, as well as the talents of your team.

Attendees also got a great insight on how to recognise their natural abilities and innate strengths that define the unique value they bring to the workplace. They even enjoyed some seat-gripping magic, performed by top UK creative magician Alan Rorrison, known for his work with big names, including Dynamo and Troy.

The workshop was the second in a series launched last month when Murphy Wealth CEO, Adrian Murphy delivered a session helping business owners find their 'Why', their purpose and desired lifestyle behind their business.

Fiona Scott, Managing Director of LSA Ltd. who attended both workshops said, "Many thanks to the team at Murphy Wealth for running such thought provoking and inspiring workshops. As with everything they do, there was also a great element of fun which allowed all attendees to mix effortlessly. I am sure our business will benefit from the advice on company values and team cohesion."