Greg Tierney

Junior Business Analyst, Redspire

IFSDG:  How long have you worked in your Redspire ?

Greg: I've been with Redspire for just over eight months, where I work as a Junior Business Analyst on their Graduate Apprentice programme, studying towards a BA (Hons) in Business Studies

IFSDG:  How many people work at Redspire?

Greg: There are currently just under forty of us though with rapid expansion plans and an ever-growing client list, that number is growing fast!

IFSDG:  What is the vision for Redspire in Glasgow?

Greg: Redspire aims to be - and is well on the way to becoming - the number one CRM and Microsoft business applications consultancy in the UK. We're the go-to partner for digital transformation for Financial Services organisations, not just in Glasgow - where some of our partners and clients like CYBG and Golden Charter are based - but across the rest of the UK too. Our vision helps financial services firms create business flows that don't just improve internal operations but completely revolutionises how their customers bank, save, borrow, buy, interact and transact.

As well as our work in the local business community, we've also signed the Microsoft Pledge, which aims to reduce the digital skills gap and create a strong pool of digital talent entering the workplace. My Graduate Apprenticeship position is testament to that!

IFSDG:  What's a typical day for you?

Greg: I tend to get in the office around 8:15am, throw together a smoothie from the free office supply and get to my desk to catch up on emails before our 9am delivery team stand up. This meeting, along with a one to one with the project manager right after sets the tone for the whole day. I spend the morning on daily reporting, resourcing and billing before lunch. It's a young, friendly team in Redspire, so lunch is usually with a colleague somewhere in the IFSD district. The afternoon is usually reactive, with ad-hoc client and project work that require my focus for the rest of the day.

IFSDG:  Why did Redspire choose to locate in the IFSD in Glasgow?

Greg: I had to ask the operations team this as I obviously wasn't part of that decision, however they confirmed what I'd thought. It's a great location with some of the best office spaces, it's right in the heart of the city where many of our clients are based and there are great transport links to our clients in other Financial Services hubs like London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester.

IFSDG: Three good things about working in Glasgow?

Greg: For me, being able to access the graduate apprenticeship via Redspire and study at one of the UK's leading universities. I'm not sure I'd have that opportunity if I didn't live in a big city like Glasgow.


I also love that it's a vibrant place to live and that there's always something going on, whether it's a concert or a training event. Some amazing Microsoft grassroots events have happened here recently, like D365 Saturday, where I got to learn directly from some of the biggest names in the Microsoft space.

Lastly, there are plenty of amazing places to eat and drink, which like a lot of sociable Glaswegians, is important to me!

IFSDG:  What is your biggest business achievement to date?

Greg: Being involved in project work and producing workflows, documentation and reports on high six figure projects that really make a difference to our clients' operations, as well as sitting on the working group that implemented new processes for how projects are created and delivered through the Redspire Project Lifecycle (RPL). These are dream projects for me and I still get excited that I get to gain a Business BA, whilst working on both client work and internal business flows that have long term impact.

IFSDG:  What is the best investment you ever made?

Greg: It's a bit clichéd, but my biggest investment so far has been my time. Applying for Redspire, being able to study at Strathclyde and gain on the job experience on a demanding graduate scheme has been incredible. However, it hasn't been without hard work, sacrifice and lots of focus. It's a demanding workload and good time management skills are required to balance work and studying. However, being able to work with clients like Money and Pensions Services, Skills Development Scotland and Civil Aviation Authority and gain on the job skills is the massive payoff to that.

Working in tech in a business that makes a real difference to clients and their customers, and the opportunities provided by the Microsoft Gold Partner relationship is pretty much my dream job so the hard work is worth it.

IFSDG:  Which businessperson or company do you most admire and why?

Greg: Tesla, for their environmental impact and commitment to making electric cars mainstream. Without them, this might not have happened for another 30 years.


IFSDG:  What did you want to be when you were a child?

Greg: Like lots of young kids, I wanted to be a footballer!

IFSDG:  What do you do to relax away from the office?

Greg: I enjoy going to watch the football with my Dad or going to the gym. I ran a half marathon recently - maybe can make that a full marathon soon!

IFSDG: I-Phone or Android?

Greg: iPhone

IFSDG: Favourite band?

Greg: The Courteeners

IFSDG: Favourite sport?

Greg: Football

IFSDG: Favourite movie?

Greg: Gladiator

IFSDG: Sunshine or snow?

Greg: Sunshine

IFSDG:  and finally, what three words sum you up?

Greg: Competitive, driven, reliable

  • Greg Tierney, Junior Business Analyst, Redspire