Lewis McArdle

new start at AXA Business Insurance

IFSDG: How long have you worked in AXA Business Insurance?

Lewis: I have just finished my second week of induction training and officially start on the 8th August.

IFSDG: How many people work at AXA Business Insurance?

Lewis: AXA Business Insurance is headquartered in Glasgow, and is the branch of AXA that offers policies direct to small businesses across the UK. More than 200 people currently work there.

IFSDG: What opportunities are there for school leavers in Glasgow with AXA Business Insurance?

Lewis: The company offers a Foundation Apprenticeship in Financial Services*, work experience opportunities, as well as full-time modern apprenticeships to school-leavers. AXA's Glasgow office also regularly hosts tours and business presentations for pupils of all ages.

IFSDG: Why did you decide to do a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Lewis: I found out about the Foundation Apprenticeship through my careers advisors at school. I applied because I was interested in a career in financial services and attracted to the idea of learning theory in the classroom as well as practical in the work placement.

IFSDG: How did you find out about the job at AXA and how did you plan for the interview?

Lewis: I found out about the job through Graeme Cairns, an AXA team leader. Graeme was my mentor when I was completing my Foundation Apprenticeship. To prepare for the interview, I was able to draw on the emails the company sent me about the interview format. I also learned about business during my work placement and from college and both of these things were really helpful in preparing for interview.

IFSDG: What's a typical day for you?

Lewis: I will be working with AXA on a part time basis whilst I undertake an Honours degree in Accountancy at Glasgow Caledonian University. I think the combination of the study and work will really advance my career.

A typical day at AXA will involve call handling and working with customers to ensure excellent customer service. I am going to be very busy.

IFSDG: Three good things about working in Glasgow?


  1. Transport services make it easy to get to work.
  2. Working in the city centre means there are lots of places to go for socialising after work.
  3. As the city's slogan says 'People Make Glasgow'! Everyone is friendly, helpful and easy to talk to.

IFSDG: Which business person or company do you admire and why?

Lewis: I'd say Alan Sugar, simply because he started off as a market trader but through hard work and determination has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK.

IFSDG: What is your biggest achievement to date?

Lewis: My biggest achievement to date is passing five Highers in my fifth year of school.

IFSDG: What did you want to be when you were a child?

Lewis: A footballer.

IFSDG: What do you do to relax away from the office?

Lewis: Go to the gym, play football, or read.

IFSDG: I-Phone or Android?

Lewis: iPhone

IFSDG: Favourite sport?

Lewis: Football

IFSDG: Favourite movie?

Lewis: Captain America-Civil War

IFSDG: Sunshine or snow?

Lewis: Sunshine

IFSDG: and finally, what three words sum you up?

Lewis: Genuine, Hardworking and Responsible

* Foundation Apprenticeships are a work-based learning opportunity for secondary school pupils in S4 and S5. Young people spend time out of school at college or with a local employer, and complete the Foundation Apprenticeship alongside their other subjects like National 5s and Highers. http://bit.ly/1j3bMH2




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