Robin Huggins

Director of Academy & Client Services, MBN Solutions

IFSDG:  How long have you worked in MBN Solutions?

Robin: 9 years

IFSDG:  How many people work at MBN Solutions?

Robin: 25
IFSDG:  What is the vision for MBN Solutions in Glasgow?

Robin: To be the very best in the world at providing complex Talent solutions in the Data, Digital & Technology spaces.

IFSDG:  What's a typical day for you?

Robin: I have no such thing as a "typical" day - and that's why I love my job. Last week was all about public speaking and presenting - I took part in a debate on Artificial Intelligence at Merkle's offices on Monday, presented a workshop on Linkedin use at Data Talent Scotland on Tuesday, opened an event for DMA Scotland and attended an Executive Dinner on Wednesday and was on the MBN stand at Data Summit on Thursday. This week - I'm matching MSc students to Projects with organisations all over Scotland, and creating a variety of articles and copy for PR use!!

IFSDG:  Why did MBN Solutions choose to locate in the IFSD in Glasgow?

Robin: Many of us are from Glasgow and the surrounding area and there's no place like home but access to talent, a supportive partner network and a thriving collaborative community are all key factors.

IFSDG:  Three good things about working in Glasgow?

Robin: The people, the food and the fact I'm only an hour from home!

IFSDG:  What is your biggest business achievement to date?

Robin: Being included in the Data IQ 100 for this year. I'm not "technically" a Data person (I'm an HR/Talent guy) so to have been recognised for my work by the Data community was a huge achievement.

IFSDG:  What is the best investment you ever made?

Robin: The investment I made in myself at 25 when, with 2 kids to feed and a list of dead-end jobs behind me, I applied to University. They suggested I go to night school as I didn't have any Highers. So, I did.

IFSDG:  Which businessperson or company do you most admire and why?

Robin: Michael Young - CEO, MBN Solutions. He's the real deal.

IFSDG:  What did you want to be when you were a child?

Robin: Action Man or Luke Skywalker.

IFSDG:  What do you do to relax away from the office?

Robin: I enjoy cooking - particularly Asian and Indian cuisine, playing guitar and recording music, reading (history mostly), I have kids and grandkids so I'm always in "family" mode and whenever I have any free time from all that I like to game (mobile and Xbox).

IFSDG:  I-Phone or Android?

Robin: Android

IFSDG:  Favourite band?

Robin: Killswitch Engage or Raging Speedhorn - tough to choose.

IFSDG:  Favourite sport?

Robin: Football

IFSDG:  Favourite movie?

Robin: Empire Strikes Back - obviously!

IFSDG:  Sunshine or snow?

Robin: Sunshine!

IFSDG:  and finally, what three words sum you up?

Robin: Focussed, passionate, collaborative.

  • Robin Huggins