About Glasgow

Welcome to Glasgow

Scotland's largest city has transformed itself into a dynamic, stylish, ambitious city. With its thriving business sector, the city has become a leading choice for investment and relocation.

Glasgow has been one of the fastest growing cities in the UK in its rate of job creation. Almost 80,000 new jobs have been located in the city since 1995, and almost 40,000 extra city residents have found work over this same period. In terms of GVA per capita. Glasgow is one of the star performers among UK cities.

Glasgow is investing millions in growing the city's business base, embracing all sectors of industry. The city is continuing to attract and develop new business, through sustained investment in commercial property, the provision of transport and communication channels and ensuring access to internal and external markets.

Exciting Times for Glasgow

Glasgow is an excellent place to do business. It is at the centre of a thriving regional economy and its strong growth in recent years has created an environment to maximise the benefits to any companies locating and investing here.

These are exciting times for the city. Its selection as the host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games triggered a programme of capital investment and large-scale projects.  This demonstrated international confidence in the city and its capacity for hosting major events, the strength of its infrastructure and the can-do attitude of its people.

  • The largest retail centre in the UK outside London
  • Competitive Office rental rates
  • Second largest public transport network in UK
  • Only business school in Scotland accredited by all major world bodies

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