Internships, Apprenticeships, Foundation Apprenticeships and Work Experience Opportunities

Glasgow’s Financial Services Sector

Glasgow's financial and business services sector offers a wealth of career opportunities for talented young people.  Watch this video now to hear a range of young people on what it's like to work in Glasgow's IFSD, the opportunities for young people in the city's financial sector and why it's a great place to work, live and play.


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Glasgow Economic Leadership has teamed up with the city's International Financial Services District (IFSD) to promote the growing range of internships, apprenticeships and work experience opportunities available.  These are great opportunities with many of the biggest names in global finance and they cover everything from one day taster sessions through to one year internships and apprenticeships.

Glasgow's IFSD is dedicating this section of its website to promoting these opportunities.  Do check it regularly as the content will be updated, as new opportunities are introduced.

Currently the following opportunities are available:

Select and click the area/s you are most interested in and discover more, along with instructions on how to apply directly to the companies involved.

Please note that Glasgow's IFSD is acting in this instance as a signposting service, providing promotional assistance only.  The IFSD is not involved in the application or selection process of candidates, who are required to apply directly to the individual companies involved.