Great infrastructure

Glasgow has a top class infrastructure to support the city's major employers.

This is one of the reasons why Glasgow is extremely attractive to companies considering corporate relocation. Transport links feature three international airports within 45 minutes drive of the IFSD. The closest, Glasgow International Airport, only 15 minutes away, offers up to 60 flights per day between Glasgow and the London airports and serves 90 other destinations worldwide.

Glasgow has the UK's largest suburban rail network outside London and its biggest rail station, Glasgow Central, sits on the eastern edge of the IFSD.

Along the western edge is the M8 motorway, offering ready access to Scotland's motorway network (M80, M77 and M74) and all points north, south, east and west.

The city also has an underground rail system with two city centre stations offering easy access to the IFSD and an extensive bus network centred at Buchanan Styreet Bus Station.

Top Technology

Glasgow offers one of the most sophisticated, competitive telecommunications environments in Europe. BT, an early partner in the IFSD's development, invested £50 million in the broadband infrastructure which helps the city deliver class leading standards for security of service, value for money, future proofing and fast, reliable connectivity.

More recently, Gigabit City fibre is being installed, supporting internet connectivity up to 100 times faster than the UK average. 15 kilometres of new fibre infrastructure is being laid.

All of this is backed by on going investment in the public realm, particularly through the City Deal, creating a high quality environment for the District and ensuring that every visit to the IFSD is impressive from start to finish.