For a financial services company or indeed any business locating in Glasgow, the ICT infrastructure is truly world class.

On all counts, whether it is security of service, value for money, future proofing, or fast, reliable connections, Glasgow satisfies the most demanding technology requirements of today's progressive companies.

The city has one of the most sophisticated and competitive telecommunications environments in Europe. Glasgow's telecoms are 100% digital and a number of providers operate in the city, resulting in highly competitive prices.

Broadband provision includes cable, ADSL, SDSL, leased line, satellite and wireless. The city has modern high-capacity fibre-optic links and remains at the forefront of modern technology.

Massive Investment

Much of Glasgow's technology advantage stems from a massive investment by BT of £50 million in the city's broadband infrastructure which has helped push Glasgow to the forefront in technology terms.

BT chose Glasgow as the location of its Data Hosting Facility, which is the largest in the UK. The centre provides companies with access to high speed internet services and rapid interconnection into global networks.

In 2006, Glasgow was voted Europe's top telecoms provider in the annual survey conducted by the prestigious Foreign Direct Investment magazine.

Glasgow is certainly in the vanguard of digital technology and the city's commitment to developing telecoms infrastructure will continue to benefit all companies in the IFSD.

Security of Service

New office properties in the IFSD are served by a dual optical fibre broadband network - if there's a problem with one exchange, business goes on regardless. And there's immediate telecoms and data installation in all new IFSD commercial property, allowing companies to relocate in Glasgow with ease.

Glasgow is also home to over 100 contact centres, employing around 18,000 people - leading to the development of a very expert telecoms support and service network.

In particular, the IFSD caters for the business and technology challenges faced by the financial services sector. Specific benefits include:

  • Catering for high-speed Internet access and web-enabled customer contact centres, it is ideal for multi-channel Customer Relationship Centres.
  • Next generation ATM switching technology allows fast transfer of data in seconds,without bandwidth problems, integrating voice, video and data on one network.
  • 100% digital infrastructure with a large choice of providers.
  • Hundreds of wi-fi hotspots enable connectivity outside the office.
  • Choice of operators means that costs are amongst the lowest in Europe
    Many operators offer fibre connectivity to Edinburgh, London and globally thereafter.
  • Ten operators have backbones to England
  • Large numbers of operators have intra-city fibre rings - offering almost unlimited capacity
  • All four traditional mobile phone networks offer high quality coverage in Glasgow
  • Leased lines available from thirteen operators
  • Direct links to London and Edinburgh Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

Glasgow and the IFSD strive continually to maintain their position at the forefront in technology infrastructure. The city was one of the first locations for 3G roll-out in the UK, and Glasgow's ongoing adoption, promotion and development of ICT saw the city named the World's Intelligent Community of the Year 2004 by the eminent New York based Intelligent Community Foundation.

Companies at the forefront of ICT already located in Glasgow include JP Morgan's European software development centre which employs 700 qualified computer graduates and software engineers, recruited mainly from Glasgow's universities and colleges and Dell which, in 2005, selected Glasgow as the location for its Technical Support Centre.

Further Information

If you have any queries or would like more information on the range of support available to financial services companies in Glasgow, then contact Vikki Kewney of Scottish Enterprise on 0141 228 2615 or at

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"The combination of excellent people, superb infrastructure and a can-do ethic makes this a perfect place to do business, and I cannot understand why anyone with telephone and internet-centred businesses would choose anywhere else."

Peter Wood, Chairman, esure