Barclays to Launch Degree Level Apprenticeship in Banking

06 Mar 2017

One of the IFSD's major employers, Barclays is launching the UK's first ever degree-level apprenticeship in Banking later this year. It will encourage a wider range of people from any background or age to enter the industry and for Barclays, it will create new pathways for the bank's apprenticeship programme, including Corporate Banking and Wealth Management.

While apprenticeships are now available in a growing range of sectors, research shows only 37 per cent of parents are aware of apprenticeships in the financial sector.

Mike Thompson, Head of Apprentices for Barclays said: "We want people of all ages and backgrounds to consider a career in banking - a sector we know is traditionally viewed as something only university graduates work in. That's why we plan to launch the UK's first degree-level apprenticeship in Banking; to open up banking to people from all backgrounds, allowing them to earn and learn, without racking up student debt."

The new apprenticeship standard will be a programme with the option to do a degree or equivalent (level 6) qualification. The range of pathways covered include: Corporate/Business Banking, Operations, Workplace Pensions, Investment Banking, Investment Management and Retail Banking.

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