From Glasgow to the world

29 Nov 2017

In a new case study published by Scottish Development International, Peter Martin from Eaton, the multinational power management company, relates how a business transformation project started in Glasgow has delivered international benefits for the company.

The case study confirms why Glasgow was the right place to start the project.

Peter Martin says, "Over the years, people have come to work at our Glasgow office from all over Europe and many have chosen to stay and make Glasgow their home.

The city is open seven days a week, with diverse culture and social environment.

It's an exciting, vibrant place to live, a great place to bring up a family, with accessible suburbs and easy links to the countryside.

The proximity of Glasgow and Edinburgh airports also makes it easy to connect across the globe.

Humour is an important element in the mix too - people from across different cultures seem to respond well to our self-effacing approach and willingness to enjoy the occasional joke at our own expense.

Add to that the excellent talent, with great language capabilities, excellent business infrastructure and strong support from government and enterprise agencies and you have a winning combination".

Read the full case study here