Glasgow rated top UK location for tech

12 Apr 2019

A major new report by CBRE asserts Glasgow's strengths as a leading technology sector destination, with the city ranked second in the UK outside London.

CBRE'S 'Tech Cities' report ranks the top 25 UK locations for tech businesses, all scored according to a range of locational pull factors, including level of education, concentration of tech businesses and employment, cost of living, cost of office space and wage levels.

Over the last two years, Glasgow climbed three places to become the UK's second top tech destination outside London, closely behind Manchester with Edinburgh third.

Factors contributing to Glasgow's strong rankings include high concentrations of tech businesses and tech professionals, generational diversity and a strong creative arts legacy.

The city is also advantaged by high levels of educational attainment and access to a number of world-class universities, with strong research and computer science degree rankings.

For computer science degrees, Glasgow ranks joint first with Manchester, has high numbers of Information & Communications SMEs and high numbers of people employed in the sector. Glasgow also has a large ratio of millennials (24.2% of the population) and a high proportion of the population qualified to NVQ 4 or above.