Laura Armstrong

Director, NT Assured Solutions

Looking forward, the biggest changes to our organisation in the post Covid era will be .... adjusting to more time away from the office and less time meeting people in person. It is all about video now.

The future vision for our organisation in Glasgow is .... typically, I operate as a sole trader and do everything myself with regard to managing my clients, filling roles and the operational, day-to-day running of the business. As things start to settle again, I would like to hire a resourcer to help on the jobs and candidate side of things.

The three best things about working in Glasgow are .....

It's a very buoyant city, full of opportunity;
It's easy to get to, regardless of where you're from;
It's a great place to socialise after work.

My favourite part of Glasgow is .... the people: walk down any street in Glasgow and there's plenty of wonderful sights and people to see.

The most satisfying thing about my job is .... having specialised in technology recruitment for over 10 years now, many of the candidates I have placed have become clients, as they have progressed their careers into senior management roles and become the managers doing the hiring. It is hugely satisfying to know I helped them secure their positions and that I get to continue to work with them.

The tech sector is a great career choice because .... there has been a massive increase in the number of FinTech organisations established in the Glasgow market over the past few years. This has resulted in many more job opportunities in the technology space in both small, niche SMEs and the larger businesses such as global banks.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career to date was .... in the first few months of the pandemic, when it was a very daunting time, as everything literally stopped dead for a few months. All roles were pulled, my clients had to stop hiring and the future was pretty uncertain. Luckily, being in the tech sector, things bounced back fairly quickly and now it is busier than ever, as people have adjusted to remote working.

The businessperson I most admire is .... Laura Davidson, who owns Tag Digital in Glasgow. Since I started working with Laura and her husband Craig, I have been hugely inspired by her. She has built a fantastic company that is extremely successful and regularly recognised as such in its sector. She speaks so confidently at events, which is something I don't think I could ever do and at the same time has a young family. She is a really lovely person to work with.

Outside of work, I am passionate about ..... my life which is totally consumed by my 8-year-old son who is a football fanatic and has me out most days/nights at training and matches. I absolutely love it and would not have it any other way. Other than that, I am very passionate about food & drink.

My approach to achieving work life balance  ....... was mastered a few years back when my son started primary school and I started working from home. I am extremely disciplined and ensure I put in a minimum number of hours and achieve at least one positive thing each day. I also try not to stress about necessary downtime such as doing the school run, as this time can easily be made up in the evening, since there are no real office hours when working from home.

First ever job? In a card shop when I was 15

Favourite boxset? Sex and the City

Favourite band? Sooo many but one of my faves is Stereophonics

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

And, finally, what three words best sum you up?

Resilient, Ambitious and Personable

  • Laura Armstrong