Riccardo Giovanacci

Managing Director, Newton Letting

The most satisfying thing about my job is .... finding the right rental property for someone - whether it's for 6 months or 6 years.

The career achievement I am most proud of is .... buying Newton Letting from Newton Property back in 2019. I started my career there and I always wanted to have something similar one day, not realising that I would actually end up owning the company.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career to date …. was, like most people, the Covid Pandemic. All too many businesses don't make it past their first couple of years. Our first-year anniversary fell on the first day of lockdown. I am pleased to say, the team pulled together and we have come out stronger/bigger/sharper as a result.

The three best things about working in Glasgow are ....

1) The people. Never a truer statement than 'People make Glasgow'

2) How easy it is to get in and out of the city. I live out in the country, near Loch Lomond, and find it such an easy commute. The fact that you can be in the middle of nowhere in 20 mins from the city centre is excellent.

3) So much to do in such a small space. From my office on Elderslie St, I can be in the city centre within a couple of minutes walk - as well as Kelvingrove Park and/or Finnieston, for some of Glasgow's coolest bars and restaurants.

My favourite part of Glasgow is .... Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I walk by most days and often pop in for a wander. There is always something new to see. The organ recital at 1pm is a delight and a great distraction in the middle of a busy working day.

Outside of work, I am passionate about .... my family (wife and 2 kids). They help keep me balanced and grounded. I'm lucky to have a huge support network from both sides of my family - which makes all the difference.

The businessperson I most admire is .... Stephen O'Neill - Chairman & Founder of Newton Property, also my first boss when working in property. He took me under his wing many years ago and continues to offer support and advice when needed. I found my passion for property through him and wouldn't be sitting where I am today without him.

Favourite band? - Coldplay

Favourite podcast? - Smartless

Favourite holiday destination? - Barbados

And, finally, what three words best sum you up? Chatty - Loud - Happy

  • Riccardo Giovanacci